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Amish Family Traditions

Our Story

At Valley Kitchen Designs, we pride ourselves on being a cornerstone of kitchen and bathroom transformation in Ohio and beyond since 2012. Our bespoke cabinetry, crafted with the utmost care and precision right here in Ohio, is designed to bring your vision of home to life.

Our expertise lies in forging spectacular Amish-inspired kitchen designs that gracefully bridge various aesthetics, from the timeless charm of Old World classics to the clean lines of modern sophistication. Each project we undertake is a journey towards crafting spaces that do more than just serve practical needs; they resonate deeply with your unique style.


Committed to creating a sustainable future, our cabinets are a testament to responsible craftsmanship. We incorporate eco-friendly practices throughout the production process, carefully selecting wood from responsibly managed forests and using low VOC finishes that reduce environmental impact. Our precision-manufactured cabinetry utilizes minimal waste principles, ensuring that each piece contributes towards a greener and healthier environment. By choosing our environmentally conscious cabinetry, you enjoy stylish, high-quality solutions while also championing sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

5 – 7 weeks after sign offs & 50% deposit.

Teton Series is 15- 20% less than Select Series depending on selections.

Yes! We definitely carry out field measurements prior to cabinet construction as it forms the basis of our customized designs and guarantees client satisfaction.

Yes! We will work directly with the builder’s client throughout the process.

Yes! We will handle the design process from start to finish.