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updated kitchen with white custom wood cabinetry, and custom stove hood

Wood Hoods

With over a decade of artisanal experience, our team creates custom wood hoods that bring character, style, and sophistication to your kitchen. Designed with precision and handcrafted with care, these range hoods not only serve as an efficient ventilation system, but also effortlessly turn into a focal point of your space. Our wood hoods are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring a perfect balance of lasting durability and timeless charm. Whether you seek a sleek contemporary design or a detailed traditional style, our custom wood hoods integrate seamlessly with your kitchen decor, elevating the look and feel of your culinary space.

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We take pride in offering top-quality products, handcrafted and tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Our design, build, and finish processes are all completed in our Central Ohio facilities, ensuring total control over quality at each production step. Choose from custom and semi-custom hardwood frames, doors, and drawers available in dozens of styles and color combinations. Plus, enjoy the convenience of job-site delivery and installation for all clients.

Short lead times, local production, and unmatched quality.

To inquire about our products or to request a quote, please get in touch with our team. We’re excited to make your design dreams come true!